Uploading Instructions
  1. The document size should be the final trim size of the document.
  2. All Graphics should be linked to the document. (Not embedded)
  3. Fonts and Font Sets should be supplied with artwork.
  4. Before submitting remove all unused colors from your document.
  5. Remove all unused graphics or illustrations that are not intended for this project.
  6. Double check that all bleeds are extended a minimum of 1/8” or .125 beyond the edge of the paper.
  7. Flight Check your document, double-checking all elements of the artwork.
  8. Package all associated fonts, graphics, and artwork into a Folder.
  9. Zip or Stuff your Packaged Folder
  10. Through our online uploading area provide us with your information, the details of your document. From there locate your file on your computer, and submit. (Use the browse button to find the Zip or Stuffit file to be uploaded